‘Why not’ – the Key to Innovation…

Hello friends!

“Why not?” My favourite question!  The antidote of ‘but’!

The curious, optimistic and open mindset that provides the key to open the doors of innovation.

And once the door is open, you need 3 ingredients that will get you to deliver innovation with excellence. Realizing and leveraging your own and your team’s power, being consumer centric and applying simplicity through each step of your journey.

Innovation is born out of thinking with full brain capacity. Thus,  understanding and leveraging the power of you and the teams you work with is crucial to activate the full brain power.

Human brain is made of two parts. The left side, which is focused on logic, detail, information, language, the present and the past, analysis, reality and organisation. The right side, which is focused on emotions, big picture, imagination, symbols, the present and the future, concepts, fantasy and practicality. The side that is used more dominantly in our everyday life also shapes our character. The interesting thing is that this is not a trait from birth but it develops with education and life experience. It can even change.

Yes, the first ingredient of innovation is all about getting to know ourselves, putting the right team together and embracing all the differences to create value. If you are curious about what your strengths are and how you can contribute to your team, visit the link below.  Take the left brain/right brain test and discover your brain power…




axe01The second ingredient of innovation is the ‘who’ we are doing the innovation for – to be “consumer centric”.  To ask the right questions.  To identify the right barriers against our brand and to discover the valuable consumer insights to help overcome them. In order to do that, to spend time with them, to look them in the eye, make sense of their gestures, laughters and sighs… To live in their shoes, to shop in their shoes. To experience their environment, to meet their friends and families. To understand what excites them and disappoints them; who they admire, and who they don’t want to be like; what they work for and what they reject to work for; their dreams, values, fears…  And then to make sense of all of this, that ties us to the third ingredient of simplicity…


Innovation requires simplicity in each step of the brand building roadmap; from choosing our target consumer, to defining who is responsible for what in our organisation, to processes, to single minded concepts, to integrated communication.  The author of “The Laws of Simplicity” John Maeda describes simplicity as; “getting rid of the obvious and adding the meaningful’.  Simplicity requires discipline and training.  It requires investing in systems.


To bring ‘innovation’ to life, we need to put the magical ingredients to work. Leverage our potential and the strength of our team members, put the consumer at the center of what we do and never divert from the principle of simplicity’.

And in each step ask this question…

Why not?

PS. Two book recommendations on the subject; “Breaking Away” by Jane Stevenson and Bilal Kaafarani.  The Laws of Simplicity” by John Maeda….Happy reading.

Serfi – Idea Chef

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