Food for thought from Crystal Apple 2013 right before the 2014 Festival

Be provocative. Find the consumers’ tensions and provoke them to overcome them. “We’re moving from insights to provocations to have bigger thinking in the heart of our briefs.” – Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Advertising Strategy & Creative Excellence, The Coca-Cola Company

Be human. Pay attention to the emotional context of consumers to form a strategy of humanity.  “Our strategy has been simple: listen, learn and act accordingly. The power of emotions proved invaluable. In our quest to find new things to say, we realized the human side would never wear out.” – Jose Miguel Sokoloff, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe/SSP3

Be restrictive. Narrow your briefs, schedule time and make space for creativity in daily schedules.  “Too much freedom is not a good thing-limit the size of the playground!” – Eric Quennoy & Mark Bernath, Executive Creative Directors, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Be authentically useful. Prove that you have a right to play by doing what you say. “Brands need to be both authentic and useful now to fit into people’s lives.” – Matt Gee, Director of Development, R/GA

Be collaborative. Know how to motivate with passion to unlock potential for your brand and your consumers through co-creating ideas. “Co-creative consumers are motivated by the 4F’s – fun, fulfillment, fame and fortune” –François Petavy, CEO, eYeka

Be dynamic. Constantly take advantage of your followers’ content about your brand experience and curate it meticulously. “Aim to foster a following community so strong that you rely on them for generating the bulk of your content.”  – Mailine Swildens, Head of Zoo Creative Services CEEMEA, YouTube

Be compelling. Master how to capture, hold and reward attention through great experiences in slivers of time. “Steve Jobs was right. Most of the time people don’t know what they want until to show it to them. But first you need to create an experience for them, read them well, tell them great stories. You need to be able to capture them in a 6-second video.” – David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL

Be open. Look outside of your own category to raise your standards of excellence. “Users don’t compare the dashboard capabilities of a BMW to a Benz. They compare the experience to how easily they use their iPhone” – Henry Mason, Global Head of Research and Managing Partner,

Be beautiful. Do not settle for any execution less than visually excellent. “Ugly doesn’t sell. That’s why we’re constantly pushing our advertisers to come up with great visuals and attractive ads. It’s what you call a win-win situation. You get to enjoy pretty pictures and our advertisers get to enjoy high click-through rates and unprecedented levels of site traffic.” – Nalden, Founder, WeTransfer

Be heroic. Even when failing. “Celebrate when you fail after audaciously trying your best. It’s better to attempt something great and fail than to be mediocre and never even try.” – Tor Myhren, President and Chief Creative Officer, Grey New York

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