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Food for thought from Crystal Apple 2013 right before the 2014 Festival

Be provocative. Find the consumers’ tensions and provoke them to overcome them. “We’re moving from insights to provocations to have bigger thinking in the heart of our briefs.” – Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Advertising Strategy & Creative Excellence, The Coca-Cola Company Be human. Pay attention to the emotional context of consumers to form a strategy [...]

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Crystal Apple Festival of Creativity – Making a Difference 2013

When our good friends at the Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies and Advertising Education Foundation and Campaign magazine’s Turkey office approached us some months ago to help out with selecting speakers and curating some of the content for Crystal Apple, we were delighted that a new festival of creativity was being born. Historically an awards [...]

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From Cannes Lions with Love: Inspiration Feed 2013

Cannes Lions never ends for Idea Bakery! We spend half the year baking inspiration sessions from Cannes and the other half preparing to inspire students at Cannes. Serfi was a tutor at Cannes Lions this past June for the second time in a row, training 55 young marketers from 18 countries and 23 companies at [...]

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Future Shock

The image above is not a still from a poorly investigated failed blockbuster, nor is it from a Woody Allen sci-fi comedy film. It’s a seriously conceived live installation from a 1970s science and technology conference fair in the U.S., hailed as the “Typist of the Future”. It went viral this spring, with many a [...]

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Dear CMO, This One’s For You…

Whether you’re people watching at your 5-star hotel on the Boulevard de la Croisette, sipping on your Moët Chandon Ice Imperial or trying to take a break from the line of people at your lofty office door, create a moment to read this. Reflect on what creative codes you represent and live by to deliver [...]

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Co-Creation – Consumer in the Driver’s Seat

Recently we were visiting NY and went into the Nike store. I needed some training shoes, as I finally had to say goodbye to my old Nike’s that I had been wearing for 10+ years. While in the store, I asked my daughter Alara, if she wanted a pair too and picked up some alternatives [...]

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‘Why not’ – the Key to Innovation…

Hello friends! “Why not?” My favourite question!  The antidote of ‘but’! The curious, optimistic and open mindset that provides the key to open the doors of innovation. And once the door is open, you need 3 ingredients that will get you to deliver innovation with excellence. Realizing and leveraging your own and your team’s power, [...]

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The best of Cyber

Hello Friends, In the ‘Chef’s Special’ I will share with you delicious recipes on marketing, communication and innovation. My objective is to whet your appetite and sample you some new tastes to inspire you to create your own ones. Today’s recipe is from a ‘young’ medium – internet. Born into our lives in 1996, a [...]

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